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Sea Moss Gel

OG + Truffle Magic

OG + Truffle Magic

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Ultimate brainpower & bliss.

Our OG Sea Moss Gel blend is already loaded with the maximum vitamins & minerals our bodies need to thrive, is rich in sulphur (great for skin issues & acne) and is a rare natural source of Iodine – critical for thyroid function. Combining this powerhouse with the brain- nurturing compounds of medicinal mushrooms, Lion’s Mane and Chaga, and ceremonial cacao in our Truffle Magic means you get all the nutrient-rich goodness PLUS improved cognitive function & blissful relaxation.


1 x OG
The OG is a refreshing citrus blend, embodying a light natural lime essence. Not too sweet, not too sour. Just right. We use the finest quality Gold Sea Moss, carefully selected from the stunning island of Saint Lucia in the Caribbean, ensuring you get the purest and most nutritious form of sea moss and guarantee NO ocean or fishy taste, delighting your taste buds while nourishing your body!

1 X Truffle Magic
Our NEW Sea Moss Gel blend is the perfect fusion of decadence and essential nutrients; a delicious earthy, rich chocolatey taste that contains a dynamic duo of medicinal mushrooms, double extract Lion's Mane and single extract Chaga, and ceremonial cacao. The double extraction process helps the nutrient-rich compounds become more bioavailable so your body can absorb all the goodness these naturally growing fungi offer, while cacao allows you to relax, unwind, and treat yourself to a little after-dinner delight.

*Disclaimer. Nothing contained in this site is intended to be used as medical advice and it is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, nor should it be a substitute for your own health professional's advice. Please contact your health care professional and seek advice prior to use if you have any health concerns, a known iodine sensitivity, or if you take any other medication, including thyroid supplements. 


• OG
100% Pure, Organic Raw Sea Moss, Alkaline Filtered Water, Fresh Lime Juice, Organic Monk Fruit Powder.

• Truffle Magic
100% Pure, Organic Raw Sea Moss, Alkaline Filtered Water, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Chaga Mushroom, Ceremonial Grade Cacao, Cacao Shells, Organic Monk Fruit Powder, Fresh Lime Juice.


• OG
Since Sea Moss contains a powerful combination of natural vitamins & minerals, you get to enjoy the benefits of each one just by adding a serving of our gel to your health routine each day.

• Truffle Magic
Benefits May Include: Nervous system protection
Studies suggest Lion’s Mane may encourage nerve cells to grow & repair more quickly, Mental clarity & memory improvement, Stronger concentration & cognitive function, Research suggests that Lion’s Mane may have the potential to treat or prevent diseases that cause a decline in cognitive health. Improved digestive & gut health. Helps fight inflammation & encourages the growth of good bacteria in the gut. Blood cholesterol & blood sugar level regulations. Assist normal blood pressure. Improved bone health.

How to Enjoy

We recommend taking (2) tablespoons per day.
Our gels can be enjoyed straight off the spoon, blended with delicious smoothies or added to your favourite sweet or savoury recipes.

Due to our gels being all natural, they have a natural healthy shelf life; we put a 4 weeks best before date on our jars. Please keep in mind a “best before” is different to an “expiry date”.

If you stick to the recommended daily dosage of 2 tablespoons per day you will get through the jars in roughly: 
375ml – 1 week 
500ml – 10 – 14 days 
750ml – 3 weeks 
1 litre – 4 weeks

*Please note that our gels pack the most nutritional benefits when consumed cold. Just like any other natural fruit or vegetable, once you cook or heat it, the potency of the vitamins and minerals decreases.

Because of its rich sulphur content, The OG can also be applied topically and is excellent for acne, psoriasis, and other skin conditions. Use the gel as a natural, sooth ing, and healing face or hair mask, and apply it to other areas of skin concern or muscle soreness.

Pro Tip: Add your gel blend into an ice cube tray and freeze the nutritious goodness to extend the best before by 2 - 3 months; perfect for smoothies and drinks!

Subscribe & Save

Sign up for a monthly subscription and enjoy our Sea Moss gels Bundles at a discounted rate! Think of it as a never-ending supply of Sea Moss goodness, straight to your door each month. You set the time frame, and we do the rest. Quality health couldn’t be easier!

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  • Responsible Ingredient Sourcing

    Our Sea Moss varieties are sustainably ocean grown and harvested from the pristine and tropical unpolluted waters of St. Lucia in the Caribbean and the cooler waters of the North Atlantic Ocean in Ireland. The purity of these waters, combined with the love and care that goes into harvesting each Sea Moss variety, means you’ll get a high-quality, nutrition-packed product you can feel good about - every time!

  • Plant Based

    Sea Moss is a 100% natural edible sea plant reported to contain 92 out of 102 minerals our bodies need to feel their best. Our Sea Moss is entirely free from all animal products (yup, this includes our Irish Sea Moss capsule casing too!)

  • Sustainable Packaging

    Our packaging is eco-friendly too! We use a combination of recyclable, compostable, degradable, and dissolvable materials to keep the planet (and your palate) happy throughout every step of the process.