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For us, it’s about more than just providing you with the purest, most natural and delicious products; we also want to empower you with the information that allows you to make healthier choices.

At Natures Farmer Sea, we know firsthand how important it is to take care of our minds and bodies, and we want to redefine how you view healthy living.

Our Mission is to give as many people as possible across the globe the power to take their health back into their hands by providing natural and sustainably sourced products. We live to educate and inspire others to live a life full of nourishment and joy – on their terms.

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    Jess Redman

    Jess is a passionate surfer who uses his unwavering respect and love for the ocean to fuel his hunger to create a better world. He is on a mission to help people cultivate a healthier lifestyle and provide natural products that make healthy habits exciting, sustainable and super delicious! With a mighty mission comes the responsibility of wearing many hats. When he’s not checking compliance or deep in product development & testing (his favourite job), Jess drives business growth opportunities through major projects, wholesale opportunities and partnerships, crunching numbers as head of finance, and spreads the Sea Moss love through engaging marketing strategies.

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    Benji Dimitrioski

    Benji is a former Pro Boxer who pours his heart and soul into ensuring Natures Farmer Sea produces the best Sea Moss goodness around by leading product development and overseeing stock and quality control. He’s not just a flavour magician with a mean right hook (although impressive); Benji has a heart of gold with charisma to match and provides first-class service as our customer liaison, manager of supplier relationships and head of HR.

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    Marketing Executive

    Larisa Cevallos

    Larisa’s devotion to maintaining the awe-inspiring beauty of this planet and its oceans shines brightly in the work she produces for Natures Farmer Sea (maybe we’re biased, but she’s the best of the best!) Along with being an experienced scuba and freediver with a passion for ocean sustainability, Larisa’s impressive 25-year career history in marketing, branding and communications allows her to effortlessly create effective marketing strategies, showstopping graphic design & photography, as well as cultivate strong relationships through social media management, community engagement and creators connections.

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Our Values

We believe that nature is the essence of our well-being; it provides everything we need to live optimally. We aim to help the world discover nature’s mineral powerhouse, Sea Moss, and be a shining light for those looking for attainable, sustainable, and healthier lifestyle choices.

At the heart of it all, we strive for...






We live these values through our approach to business, partnerships and providing resources for healthy living to our community. We show up every day and do our absolute best to create high-quality, natural products that inspire positive changes in your life, our community and the environment.



Meet Jess!

“It’s our job to take our health seriously because no one else can do that for us. It’s up to us to educate ourselves on what’s good for us and what isn’t; we have the power to create an incredible life. We just need to learn the tools and implement them in ways that feel good.” ~ Jess

After a life-changing cancer diagnosis ten years ago, I have made it my mission to show people that there is another way of doing things. You can have the healthy and vibrant life you deserve just by making a few lifestyle changes. 

My diagnosis has taught me one important thing: we need to be vigilant about our health, mindful of what is going into our bodies and careful with who we are relying on to give us the quality care we should be giving ourselves.  

There is no ‘one size fits all’ diet, so we need to be conscious of that and work towards making better choices. Healthy living doesn’t need to equal punishment or restrictive, tasteless diets – I want to show you how simple it is to create flexibility in your routine and nurture your body, cells and mental health with pure, natural and nourishing foods.



Meet Benji!

“It’s important for me to remind people that it’s crucial to find ways to maintain your health throughout your life, rather than wait for the moment where you need to repair it because you have overwhelmed your system. A majority of us only seem to appreciate our health after we’ve had a close call; why not start making better choices now?” ~ Benji 

As a professional boxer, leading a healthy lifestyle was always important to me. I grew up surrounded by natural health and holistic approaches, so it was easy to make better choices for myself throughout my life. 

After a brain injury forced me out of the sport earlier than expected, it made me appreciate my health and body even more. It was then that I was more determined than ever to be a part of something that would help others make better lifestyle choices for themselves too.  

Through my experience, I learned that what we put into our bodies and how we help ourselves overcome setbacks are vital to living the best life we can. That’s when Natures Farmer Sea was born. Just like Jess, I want to guide you to better health and empower you to see that there are options. ‘Healthy’ looks different for everyone; let’s help you discover what that means to you.

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