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Natures Farmer Sea values quality health and is committed to helping our customers establish long-term healthy habits. Our Mission is to give as many people as possible across the globe the power to take their health back into their hands by providing natural and sustainably sourced products

We partner with businesses that share the same passion for health and wellbeing and want to help their customers change their lives for the better. 

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The Team behind Natures Farmer Sea

Hey, we're Jess & Benji!

We’re stoked that you’ve joined us on our journey to better health and a better planet! At Natures Farmer Sea, we’re crazy passionate about natural health. We believe Mother Nature provides everything we need to enrich our bodies and minds. When we are good to her, she rewards us with abundant nourishment that allows us to maintain a happy and healthy life. 

The phrase, “You don’t truly value your health until it’s gone”, resonates deeply with us. Over the years, we have faced tremendous health challenges, from battling cancer to overcoming brain trauma. 

Through these experiences, we have learned that our greatest tools to improve overall well-being are what we nourish ourselves with; from the foods we put into our bodies to our daily movements. Everything counts. 

Our focus is on finding the best ingredients for optimal health. We pride ourselves on providing the most natural, purest and ethically sourced products to support your health goals. 

Our promise to you is simple; we will continue to travel the natural healing path and share our discoveries with you. We will stand by our mission to give as many people as possible the power to take their health back into their hands. We will guide you on your journey to better health by being transparent about our process, providing only natural, high-quality goodness and showing you that healthy living is fun and rewarding. 

Thank you for being a part of the Natures Farmer Sea Family! 

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