Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the differences between Natures Farmer Sea Gels? 

The OG is our most popular gel and where we get all of our amazing benefits. Personally, it’s helped the Natures Farmer Sea team with issues like gut health, energy, poor sleep, gout and brain fog. It's excellent for clearing mucus as well. 

Blue Tongue Wizard is packed with antioxidants and is fantastic for energy, heart health, and wound healing. 

Purple Butterfly is amazing for skin health, eye health, and mood. 

Green Warrior contains super greens and echinacea, making it great for immunity building and assistance with colds and flu. 

Ginger Ninja is an inflammation-fighting beast. Sea Moss already helps reduce inflammation, but the added benefits of premium turmeric and black pepper kick it up a notch! 

What type of Sea Moss do you use?

There are three main types of Sea Moss: Chondrus Crispus, mostly known as Irish Moss, Gracilaria and Eucheuma Cottonii. Each variety is closely related, has similar properties, and provides powerful benefits. We use Eucheuma Cottonii.  

Chondrus Crispus, known as Irish Sea Moss, has maximum seaweed flavour, making it difficult to consume regularly based on taste. We make our Irish Moss into capsules for this reason. There is virtually no taste, but you still get all the amazing benefits. 

We choose to use Eucheuma Cottonii for our Sea Moss Gels because it allows for zero ocean/seaweed taste. They are delicious and make it super easy to create consistent healthy habits and see the best results and benefits.

What are the benefits of Sea Moss? 

The benefits of Sea Moss are known to be life-changing!  

The multitude of vitamins & minerals found in Sea Moss provides incredible benefits. Our clients have reported: 

- Increased energy 

- Improved sleep 

- Reduced inflammation in joints 

- Improved gut health 

- Reduced heartburn & acid reflux 

- Decreased or no period pain 

- Decrease in gout recurrence 

- Reduced brain fog 

- Increased focus & feeling more alert 

- Skin improvement

And so much more!   

Please keep in mind everyone is different, so each person will get various benefits based on the minerals they lack. 

How long does a jar of Sea Moss Gel last? 

As an estimate for 1 adult: 

375ml : 1 week  

500ml: 2 weeks  

750ml : 3 weeks  

1L: 4 weeks 

How do Sea Moss Gels taste? 

The OG has a fresh citrus lime taste.

Purple Butterfly has a unique floral taste.

Green Warrior has a super greens taste.

Ginger Ninja has a ginger & turmeric kick.

Blue Tongue Wizard has a lemon sherbet taste. 

All our gels have 0 ocean flavour. 

Does Sea Moss Gel Expire? 

We put a best before of 4 weeks on the jars, but our clients tell us they last longer. 

As long as you stick to the daily recommended dosage of one tablespoon in the morning and one in the evening, you will get through the jars before then.  

Pro Tip: Add your gel blend into an ice cube tray and freeze the nutritious goodness to extend the best before by 2 - 3 months – perfect for smoothies and drinks! 

We believe in giving yourself a solid few weeks on Sea Moss to start feeling the benefits. 

375ml will last 1 week 

500ml will last 2 weeks  

750ml will last 3 weeks  

1L will last 4 weeks.

*This is a rough guideline for 1 Adult. 

Is Sea Moss safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding? 

They sure are! 

Except for the Purple Butterfly – this gel contains butterfly pea flowers which can cause uterine contractions. 

Otherwise, any other blend is perfectly okay for pregnant or nursing mothers – the minerals found in Sea Moss are beneficial for mum & growing bub. 

*Please contact your health care professional and seek advice prior to use if you have any health concerns, a known iodine sensitivity, or if you take any other medication, including thyroid supplements. 

Is Natures Farmer Sea, Sea Moss wildcrafted? 

The Sea Moss used for our gels is 100% ocean grown and sustainably harvested in the warm waters of the Caribbean. In our research we discovered that 98% of wildcrafted Sea Moss is strip mining all the coral reefs and destroying ecosystems. 

Our Irish Sea Moss capsules are sustainably wildcrafted and certified organic in the cold waters of Ireland. We have carefully selected a partner that follows sustainable practices.  

In which Health Food Stores can I find your products? 


Just Healthy Robina Town Centre 

Go Vita Pacific Fair 

The Fox’s Pantry Tugun 

Sage on Hamilton Mackay 

Wholelife Pharmacy Maroochydore 

Nutrition Den GoVita Carindale

Go Vita Southport 


Pottsville General Store 

Dr Earth Newtown

Kiah Organic and Wholefoods Mt Gravatt

The Wholistic House Kirra

The Pines Health Foods Elanora

Wholelife Healthfoods Cairns Central

Pure Health Sydney

BP Murwillumbah

Wholelife Healthfoods Tweed Heads 

South Australia 

House of Health Central Market, Adelaide


Go Vita Keysborough

Long Life Health Foods Casey

Great Earth Health Foods Melbourne

Zoux Bar Melbourne

Green Cup Carlton

Green Cup Caufield North

Green Cup Hawthorne

Green Cup South Yarra

Green Cup Armadale 

Prahran Convenience

The Little Hen Balaclava

Olive Health Foods Albury

Glo Health Elsternwick

The Wholistic Hub Sale

If I want my kids to have Sea Moss, what’s the ideal kids' dosage? 

6 months to 1 year - half a teaspoon  

1 to 5 years old - 1 teaspoon  

5 to 10 years old - 2 teaspoons  

10 to 15 years old - 1 tablespoon  

15+ years old - 2 tablespoons 

What Minerals and Vitamins does Sea Moss have? 

Sea Moss is packed with calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, phosphorus, iodine and vitamins A, B, C, D and E.

The minerals and vitamins in Sea Moss may assist with:

-Thyroid health 

- Immunity support 

- Weight loss 

- Heart health 

- Blood sugar 

- Fertility 

- Inflammation 

- Energy 

- Skin health 

And much more! 

Tips for 1st time Sea Moss Customers 

1. When you receive your first Sea Moss gel jar, put it in the fridge and let it set for approx 4 hours for a great gel consistency before having it for the first time. Keep your Sea Moss refrigerated at all times. 

2. Your Sea Moss gel will last you between 3-4 weeks and our jar label best before recommendation is 4 weeks. Make the most of it daily! 

3. You can have your Sea Moss gel straight off the spoon, mix it in smoothies, dips, salads, ice blocks! Anything; get creative and tag us on social media @naturesfarmersea! We will reshare your stories! 🙌🏼 

4. If you are having two tablespoons of Sea Moss gel at once; please use two different tablespoons to avoid dipping mouth bacteria into your Sea Moss gel jar. 

5. If you think you won’t finish your Sea Moss in 4 weeks, you can always freeze some of the gel in ice cubes and add them later to your smoothies. Frozen Sea Moss gel will last for up to 3 months.