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Food for your Plants

Sea Moss Plant Medicine (for plants)

Sea Moss Plant Medicine (for plants)

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Disclaimer: This is a Sea Moss product for Plants. This is not for human or pets consumption.

Our beloved plants give us clean air to breathe, relieve stress, and keep our house looking like a tropical rainforest – it’s only right that we spoil them with sea moss goodness and give them all the love right back! As part of Natures Farmer Sea zero-waste initiative, we’ve formulated a unique, natural & nourishing treatment designed to help your plant babies grow big and strong all year long.


Alkaline Filtered Water, NFS Original Super Secret Sea Moss Plant Elixir


Much like humans, plants need all the essential nutrients they can get to ensure optimal health. Our Plant Medicine provides sea moss nutrient-rich goodness to help them increase their lifespan and thrive indoors.

How to use it

Taking care of your precious plants couldn’t be easier! Our Plant Medicine (for plants) is designed to give your indoor foliage an extra boost of nourishment so they can grow lush and strong.

Step 1:
Add a 1:1 ratio of plant medicine to water. Eg: 100 mls of plant medicine and 100mls of water and stir.

Step 2:
Shower your botanical blossoms with this natural medicine and watch them bloom.

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  • Responsible Ingredient Sourcing

    Our Sea Moss varieties are sustainably ocean grown and harvested from the pristine and tropical unpolluted waters of St. Lucia in the Caribbean and the cooler waters of the North Atlantic Ocean in Ireland. The purity of these waters, combined with the love and care that goes into harvesting each Sea Moss variety, means you’ll get a high-quality, nutrition-packed product you can feel good about - every time!

  • Plant Based

    Sea Moss is a 100% natural edible sea plant reported to contain 92 out of 102 minerals our bodies need to feel their best. Our Sea Moss is entirely free from all animal products (yup, this includes our Irish Sea Moss capsule casing too!)

  • Sustainable Packaging

    Our packaging is eco-friendly too! We use a combination of recyclable, compostable, degradable, and dissolvable materials to keep the planet (and your palate) happy throughout every step of the process.